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The Clean Stack

A proprietary full-stack mobile architecture.

The CleanStack is a culmination of years of software industry experience and lessons learned. Optimized over time and drawing from many of the best industry resources on good design and best practices. The CleanStack is a full-stack architecture that our clients can use as a 'seed' code base to start their next project right or integrate an existing one. By building on the CleanStack you will ensure the next app you build will be highly performant, maintainable, and scalable - the leading reasons why mobile app projects fail.

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CleanStack Features include:

  • Layered architecture

  • Domain-driven model

  • MVVM

  • Reactive

  • Offline/cache enabled

  • Tuned for performance

  • Configurable DataSync

  • Testable

  • No 3rd-party frameworks

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