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Stack Software Services

Stack Software works with small and medium sized businesses to transform their own software development capabilities; empowering them to ship products to market quicker, that meet business objectives and that are built in a performant, maintainable and scalable way.

Agile Transformation


Build your product faster

We'll work with your in-house development team to give your development process a productivity boost. While we believe each team is different and one-size does not fit all, we do believe that a process based in Agile methodologies can greatly help you get product to market faster and evolve your product through quick iterative development cycles. Whether you currently believe you practice Agile Scrum or you need a complete transformation, we can help your team become much more efficient.

Product Management

Business Meeting

Build the right product

Ensuring you are building the right product is what our Product Management services is all about. We'll help you and your team analyze your product backlog to ensure it is aligned with business objectives. We'll help you identify product opportunities in the market and strategize with you on how to deliver.  We'll work with your team to identify a minimally viable product so that you can get a functional product to the stakeholders quickly, allowing you to evolve features with real data-driven user feedback.

the CleanStack Architecture

Business Meeting

Build your product right

A successful software product not only delights users and meets business objectives, but it must be easy for your team to maintain - identify and fix bugs; as well as it must be easy to add or change functionality as requirements change. Our CleanStack architecture will give your next project a head start by allowing your team to focus on delivering functionality while having the confidence that the architecture will keep their code base easy to maintain and will be flexible enough to scale with changing business requirements. 

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